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hello, everyone. this is the five. a world renowned doctor steals a show the president obama at the national prayer breakfast in washington. the lasblasting the president'sa
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in front of him. it's a speech that caught a lot of people's attention. dr. benjamin carson. >> the pcp police are out in force at all time. we've reached the point where people are afraid to talk about where they want -- what they want to say. our deficit is a big problem. >> what about our taxation system? when i pick up my bible, you know he what i see? i see the fairest individual in the universe, god, and he's given us a system. it's called time. >> well, he didn't stop there because carson is the head of neurosurgery at johns hopkins. listen to his take on obama care. >> he's my solution. when the person is born, give them a birth certificate, an electronic card and a health savings account. when you die, you can pass it on to your family members so that when you're 85 years old and you've got six diseases you're
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not trying to spend up everything. you're happy to pass it on and there's nobody talking about death panels. >> well, rush limbaugh said republicans could learn a thing or two from the good doctor. >> he sets out a position based on our principles of individual responsibility and free market that is a logical solution that makes total sense to everybody who hears it. >> this man said it while obama's sitting there. this is the kind of thing the republican party should have been saying for the past four years. >> greg, you have a lot to say about this was prove it. >> the doctor better make sure his taxes are paid up. that was the longest 43 seconds obama has endured since the skeet shooting opportunity, but the doctor, a complete and absolute moron. can you take a pediatric neuro
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surgeon seriously? what does he he know? he operates on the brains of babies. i would rather take advice from solandra fluck. she has so much more life experience than this pediatric neuro surgeon, somebody that operates on babies. >> is that tongue-in-cheek? >> i was being ironic. this guy knows what he's talking about. you should listen to him, not someone who is on the planet for 31 years fighting for free pills. >> you're a fan of dr. benjamin carson. mr. boling. >> first of all, it takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of a room as i did this week and dana helped me out with this. >> she was your coach. >> she was awesome with it. to do it and take down the president of the united states sitting, you know, five feet away, man, that guy has a lot of guts. his ideas are right. i agree it's not that hard. it's not that hard to figure it out.
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this guy figured it out in a couple of minutes. >> do you like what he had to say in terms of finances and taxes and kind of people paying their appropriate amount. >> i did. i did. i thought it was fantastic. i would like to point out that greg is very tan today. >> so are you. you're very tan. >> everybody makes usually about my tan. i want to point out that greg can be tan, too. >> you rolled it over me and i got it all over me. we were wrestling in the green room. >> dana? >> well, certainly. i guess the question is was the venue the right place to make them. we do live in america. you actually can say things that maybe the president would disagree with, and perhaps, i don't know if they actually -- they might know each other. i do remember during a prayer breakfast in the bush administration one of the speakers talked about the war, the iraq war, and made comments that some people could take as critical of president bush. that was a big huge story about
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oh, somebody finally had the guts to stand up to president bush at the prayer breakfast. i don't see it as being that different. >> okay. now, bob, did you like any of his ideas? >> i thought it was one of the more disgraceful performances i've ever seen. >> why disgraceful. >> because people come together to honor the god as they know him. it's a prayer breakfast, it's spoaft tsupposed to be by patte. it's not a police t place to gie political statements. it was a disgrace. his bible quotes were wrong. this guy ought t to go back and take care of babies. that's a nice thing that he does. i'm telling you. i thought it was inappropriate, it was mean, and so far out of place i can't believe it. >> it sounds like you're objecting to where he made his comments versus the content. >> i think his ideas are screwy, too. >> the point is don't speak at c pac. if you have an opportunity and the president is there and you don't take that opportunity, you're a coward. more doctors believe what carson
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is saying. every survey shows that every actual practicing physician hates obama care. they're pet fied of it. >> at a prayer breakfast? >> where has president obama showed up that wasn't the home turf for him ever. >> that's not the point. >> no, no, it is the point. it's exactly the point. you can't get him on your turf, you take a neutral zone. >> he doesn't answer questions. >> you stand up and say these things up about obama, but this is a national prayer breakfast. >> he won't show up at c pac or fox. you get my point. >> and he won't do q and a. >> i've invited him to my apartment on a number of occasions and obama will not come. carson actually spoke truth to power which is something that the press used to love because the press used to do it. now i'm not surprised stephen croft didn't dive in and tackle him in the middle of this. save him. it's like they find it so objectionable and rude to actually talk to the emporer. >> can you think of a speech?
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there's nothing sacred in washington any more. is there any place where the democrats haven't been exceedingly political at a speech including when where you invite somebody to sit in the front row of the speech and then disparage them and ridicule him in front of the world? >> well, you've made this point about bush and iraq. i may not have been at that one. i've been at plenty of these things. i've never seen or herd political comments. i didn't agree with anything of what he said. no surprise. this is something that my friend, cal thomas, who cannot be more conservative. he's an evangelical christian. i got on the phone with him today and he completely agreed. he agreed the points are right, but this was exactly the wrong place to do it. >> i called cal thomas after you called him and he said i just told bob that to make him happy. you know agreed with carson, paul krugman. he was speaking at a synagogue. he said how are they dealing with the crisis?
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death panels and sales taxes. liberals are emboldened. >> let's listen to another piece from dr. carson and this is about taxes. we'll get your reaction. >> you make $10 billion, you put in a billion, you pu make $10, u put in 1. they say well that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot? >> that sounds like he's a free market kind of guy. >> and again, how do we solve the problem? is it revenues, is it spending? clearly we have a spending problem. one of the ways to solve the whole thing is go to the fair tax. it's time to start really looking at a national sales tax on everything that's sold and eliminate the income tax. get rid of it. it's around 23% of every sale, and what it would do is you get rid of the irs, get rid of income taxes and you go to straight use tax. you want to buy this? you pay the tax on it.
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>> makes a lot more sense. >> same thing. similar, very similar. >> similar concept. >> can i make one point about obama care? when he said you should start as soon as their born, give them a card and have them saving. does he recognize there are millions and millions of people in the country who couldn't begin to save anything. they live day by day. >> states have put forward tax credit programs. if you want to save for their college education, you can send up fo their fund. >> these millions of people have cell phones and flat screens tvs in their house so she can save. if you can buy a phone, you can get health care. by the way, the doctor was making -- all the doctor was doing was making a all doctors are making that no one understands. they're small businessmen. >> he he was embarrassing barack obama. that's exactly what he he would have done. >> i would have done the same thing. if anybody had that opportunity, they should. >> i think i'm going to point this out. i'm pretty sure this is right. dr. carson's book on sean
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hannity tonight. he will be there. i'm sure he's going to get a lot of the questions that you bring up, bob. >> at least he's not afraid to take the question, you know. that's the thing. at least he was courageous enough to go there and speak his mind when he had the opportunity. >> you call that courage? you call that courage. >> wasn't it nice to see president obama look a little perturbed for once and rather than getting a tongue bath from the media for how long? the grin on his face during every 60 minutes thing was insane. so now it's nice to see him sweat a little. >> the last time he made that face? >> with mitt romney at the debate. >> he didn't know how to handle the heat. >> we should have had that. >> you're comparing that to a funeral? >> it kind of was a funeral. >> it was disgraceful. >> bob didn't like it. i think we got that message loud and clear. coming up, remember that sassy teenage jail bird who flipped the bird to a judge during her hearing. >> are you serious? >> i am serious.
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adios. come back again. >> that is a no-no. that young lady has just apologized to his honor and our cameras were rolling. that's ahead on the 5. stay with us. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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the senate growing obama appointees on two fronts. listen to republican senator marco rubio press john brennan on why we allowed tunisia to let the only benghazi suspect go through and listen to lindsey graham question leon panetta.
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>> doesn't sound like a good system working with our foreign partners. >> during that eight-hour period, did the president show any curiosity about how is this going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> there's no question in my mind the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> with all due respect, i don't believe that's a credible statement if he never called and asked you are we helping these people. >> the questions raise more questions than offering any sort of answers so i asked is america a safer place or in more peril under president obama's war on terror. oops. we're not supposed to call it that. are we safer or in more peril, kimberly. >> if you're in the drone program, you are pretty happy about killing terrorists. i'm concerned about lost opportunities in terms of being able to get intelligence, to gather information and to be able to make a big gefer impact
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overall. it hasn't become speedent enough for us to put people behind bars bars. >> are you going to invade tunisia and get these people? is that what you want to do? >> i didn't say that, bob. >> how about leaning on tunisia. >> what brennan said is exactly right. that's the law of due knee is a. we cannot go in there and take this guy out when they're following the laws of the country that he lives in or that he's in. >> no one can take over due nearby. you can exert diplomatic pressure to try to turn him over. there's other ways to go around that. >> i'm sure they've done that. >> be creative. >> it shouldn't matter. >> he pointed out that president obama wasn't, in fact, in the room when all this was going on, that leon panetta made one phone call and he wasn't sure how long it lasted lasted. >> there's more holes in the benghazi cover up story than in a block of swiss cheese.
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>> well, i was hoping for something better. >> okay. i'm working on it. on the benghazi piece, we were led to believe that they were on top of it at 5:00 in the afternoon, they were in a meeting at the national security team at 5 p.m. and they were on top of it all night long. and then four months later you get the testimony that says well, actually, no, i never got a call. that's why congressional testimony is very important and oversight, no matter who is in office, the congressional branch, that's what they're supposed to do. i would say that i do think that america is a lot safer today than it was on september 10th, 2001 because of policies that were put in place and then adopted and kept, and maybe enhanced, improved by the obama administration. but these were policies that needed to be in place before 2001 and were not. they went through the pain and the agony and the reputational problems of the years of the bush administration, but when president obama took office, then even despite the rhetoric
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and the inconsistencies of what they criticized president bush for, it looks like to me they kept most he of those policies. that's good. >> brennan was there under bush. he kept a lot of the policies. >> excuse me. there are more holes in this testimony than a fat man's ham mock. that's pretty good, right. >> much better than swiss cheese. >> we never get answers on benghazi. we never got the two answers, why were the calls for help ignored, who pushed the video. we get more answers if congress gathered around a ouija board, and the benghazi suspect is free while the film maker is in jail. which reminds me as we tape this, there's still a manhunt for this cop killer in the woods of california, and i heard susan rice is already arresting the director of first flood. >> very good. >> turn to this guy. he's the leader of the pakistani militant group that carried out the 2008 attacks on bu mumbai,
2:21 pm
india. $10 million bounty. let's talk about this quickly around the table. 10 million bucks. the guy is out. he's free. he's in the media. shouldn't we go in and say look. what kind of -- >> or cut off aid to pakistan. >> we're not going to do that. unfortunately there's been a lot of people pushing politicians to take a stronger stance with pakistan. with friends like that, who needs enemies? they had osama bin laden in their midst an didn't help to tell a friend. we found out on our own and went in. sure. we have to take a tougher stance. if there's nothing done to deter them, they're going to go unchecked, unpunished. >> as difficult as they are, pakistan is a key and important component in that part of the world because they border afghanistan. the second thing i would say in order to get this guy from the pakistanis, it's not as if you
2:22 pm
identified bin laden in a particular house. it would require us to go into pakistan militarily. >> he's doing press conferences, for gosh sake. >> the answer you might get from the administration is that it's complicated, and that with this guy, if he's up and around and you can watch him and keep an eye on him, that might be better than cutting off aid and then risking a failed state which might even be worse, so it's not like a choice between good and bad. it's bad and worse. >> i mean, if you remember this crime, it was one of the worst, worst things i've ever read. it was horrible the way they killed and butchered these people. this is the way drones work. i said before i'm pro drone. if you can save american lives by using robotics or drones, go for it. send a drone in, take them out. why not. >> i'm not sure why these people don't just have an accident. >> that's the point. >> good old days. >> we're talking about it. some people need killing. he's at the top of the list.
2:23 pm
>> kill him, and then guess what, say sorry after. you want our money and our aid? >> we can't call it a war on terror and we'll have accidents and drones. still to come, one college is offering a refund to grads if their degree doesn't earn them a job that will pay off the student loans. plus, why three ivy league schools are suing some of their former students. that's next on the five. how do r car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate.
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country music? can we talk about my segment which is colleges. they are leaving their grad students with overwhelming debt. one school in central michigan has an interesting plan. starting this fall, spring arbor university will assist in paying off student loans if the students can't find a well paying job when they graduate. three universities elsewhere are doing otherwise. george washington university, yale, and penn have all started suing their grads who can't pay up for the loans they gave them, so very different approaches. i like this story. this is free market competition. if you're a parent and you're going to pay for your kids to go to school, you would look at this and say wait, they're going to pony up if they can't get a job? i would like to send my kid to that school. >> for a change, the school is accountable. instead of raising tuition over and over and over, and by the ts skyrocketing is because colleges
2:29 pm
realize there's so much money out there. the availability of student loans is so easy, they know they cab keep jacking it up, jacking it up. we have a trillion dollars in student loan default. the colleges could start getting a little accountability, sounds great. same thing. caused by the same thing. cheap loans, too easy loans, easy money that shouldn't have gone to people who didn't deserve it and couldn't afford it. >> exaaspirated by people who can't find a job. law schools, actually, this is a problem with too many people. do you think that will start a trend. >> that people shouldn't go to law school. >> or a law school will make sure if you don't find a job after going to our law school, we'll pay you back?
2:30 pm
>> i think if you're a large law school, it will be difficult to make that kind of guarantee because it doesn't make sense financially. if you're a smaller law school and you want to attract people to come, sure. doesn't that sound like a good idea, a money back guarantee? if we don't help you get a job and you can't pay your bills, we'll give you a rebate back. >> bob, you have kids. >> one of college age and one that's going to be. do you like the idea. >> i do like the idea of michigan university. there's a distick distinction. those students are getting sally macdonalsallymae laws. gw is the most expensive university in the country. these are loans the school made directly to the students. >> they were perkins loans. >> now they're going after them. otherwise the school has to pay them. the school is suing them. yale has got close to a billion dollars in their -- what do you call that, endowment. penn is doing quite well and gw is the same thing. they own about half of downtown washington.
2:31 pm
the idea they should go after these kids is absolutely obscene. >> you said you wanted to comment on this. >> that's not a question, dana. >> what do you think? >> i have a great suggestion. i'm coming from the opposite side of the student. every student should stick these expensive colleges on loans because after all, they need to learn the obscure term that is called capitalism, and they've got to pay for the fact that they've been churning out lazy stupid marxists who put social justice before paying back a loan. how do you solve the problem? you force all the marxist professors to be in charge of debt collection. they gotta go out, and if they don't get the loans back, they don't get they are salary. that's my solution. they'll become capitalists. >> it's a good idea. >> there's a problem with it. it 2 goes into a student loan
2:32 pm
default. >> you turn them into debt collectors. >> the money goes directly to the school. >> one thing you said, we're sitting on a ticking time bomb. most of the students will pay their loans, a large percentage. >> we have a huge problem. the number was 63%, i saw, the increase in the number of people who are at risk of default. >> yeah. >> they're behind this their payments. i understand that. >> how will they ever catch up? also if you have 25 years to pay back the loan,. >> that's one of the new rules they put in place. basically your life expectancy is over by the time you get a job and pay off the loans. >> this is assuming these people won't get jobs. i think the economy is coming back and they'll get jobs. you're not going to have a trillion dollars default. i want to make that point and not scary people. >> right. because you know he why? there will be a bailout. >> >> i'm not sure about that. it will be billed as bailing out
2:33 pm
students so they don't get sued by the university. they took us to perkins. >> he they have the best chicken noodle soup. >> perkins is amazing. >> i'm on the hook for two loans that i counter signed with people. one of these women died in a boat accident and they're trying to make me pay it. >> who else should pay. >> that's what happens. >> that's what you did. >> we're going to go back. we have a back half of the show coming up. do you have any co-workers who spend hours in the office shopping on line? what about checking twitter, facebook? they're called cyber loafers and greg will try to get them back to work next on the five. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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the big story here today, any questions about how engaged president obama really is in american foreign policy. tonight on special report, one republican senator says the president must be held accountable for his leadership in the aftermath of last fall's benghazi terror attack. on thursday defense secretary leon panetta struggled to explain the president's lack of involvement during the crisis. america could be energy independent in the coming years. advances in technology such as fracking and horizontal drilling have increased natural gas production by 27% in the last four years. there's positive news tonight about the housing industry. we'll hear from the chief economist for government lender freddie mac. the search goes on tonight for a former lapd cop suspected of going on a shooting rampage, killing three people.
2:39 pm
special report from washington starts at 6:00 eastern righ. right now, back to new york and the five. >> a new study from kansas state finds people who use the internet at work spend most of the time doing things unrelated to their job, a if h phenomenonn as cyber loafing. i say forget the impact on work. how does it affect your life? the danger of cyber loafing is the word itself. when a reporter attaches cyber to a word, it's because they're out of ideas. dana's new app, cyber jasper, but more important the danger of surfing isn't the time wasting, it's the crippling fear of action it encourages in your life. the laptop simply makes it that much easier to avoid doing things as you watch others do do things all around the world.
2:40 pm
achievement has been replaced by observation, and that makes it harder to move. we are creating a nation of gaw gawkers, cowards who can't people to people, texting, writing on the bathroom walls. it keeps them out of the bars and away from me. just remember, no one on their death bed will ever remember that great article they found on the 10 best kitten videos, so put down the computer and buy my book. you'll feel better on your death bed. i know i will, bob. i know. i know. >> ohhh h. h. >> i thought we buried that dog a long time ago. >> that book is a zombie, bob, clawing its way into your life saying read me, read me. >> i read it. >> buy me. >> i don't care if you read it. >> you're a sick woman. what would you do without surfing. you don't do any real work,
2:41 pm
dana. >> i have like a circuit of my news websites that i go and look at and then, you know, your complaint is that i send you too many articles to read. >> that is true. >> i resemble thrashing. i have a problem. i get -- you get sucked in. >> i think the bigger problem, though, sorry, but you were rambling. i think the problem is it's not that it's work. it's that i think that it creates resistance to get up and do work. it's like it makes it harder. >> so am i understanding the study that we're spending 80% of the time doing things unrelated to things we're supposed to be doing. >> when we're on the web. when you're using a computer, 80% of the time on the computer is doing other things that are unrelated to work. >> i want to call bs on the study. >> that number seems very high. >> i think it's true. >> she doesn't cyber loaf. she goes into the stores to shop and when she's on the computer, she's gathering research and sending us articles. that's not loafing. >> come to think of it, the
2:42 pm
number, honestly, how many porn websites are there? >> millions. >> ask bob. ask bob. >> if you encompass all that, maybe the number. >> i think you're correct. we found that even in government agencies that's a big problem. bob, do you cyber loaf? >> yeah, i guess i do. i don't -- i look at like three things in the morning. >> please don't say. >> i look at those at night. three things in the morning, and that's about it. you know me, i can't make these things work. one time i used the computer and i got lost in the university of egypt. i couldn't get out. >> that happens to the best of us. >> i bet. >> i think eric's right. 80% sounds crazy. >> you know what the ente intert has provided for people at work? smoke breaks. you always watch the people that had to go down for their smoke break and you had to sit at their desk and do your work. now actually you can have on line smoking breaks for everybody. >> it's not a smoke break.
2:43 pm
>> it's a redistribution of the smoke break. >> i want to ask. >> it's a poke break. >> a poke break? >> a little clever. should workers be paid -- follow my hand. there you go. back here. we're on a show. >> hip know advertise me. that works on friday night. should workers be paid overtime for checking e-mail and work calls when they're off the clock. >> oh, come on. i don't like whiners. i know there's cops asking for this. we're checking our messages, our work e-mails. that's part of your job. when is anyone going to be happy to just have a job? we don't check our work e-mails and do stuff time on the weekend? that's what you do when you want to do your job well. >> greg was sending e-mails all night last night. >> i was. >> some of them were a little crazy. >> i had a little problem. >> yeah. there were a few. >> was i sending e-mails last night? >> yeah. you were. >> they made absolutely no sense. >> what time was this? >> 4:00 in the morning was the last one i got. >> that's not true. >> you did. you did.
2:44 pm
4:00 in the morning. you sent me slow pitch. eric told me one day, i said eric you called me last night and he said i did not. >> i don't remember. >> you guys say late at night. you're talking about 9:00. >> 4 in the morning was the last one i got from you. >> that is such baloney. >> i was just getting up. >> maybe ben took your blackberry again. >> i fired sven. i didn't fire him. he disappeared. coming up, the toddler who can dribble better than michael jordan stops by fox news to show us his unbelievable hoop skills. the basketball baby wonder next on the fives.
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2 year old titus ashby from kansas. you cannot believe this kid. he shoots basket hoops and he did it on "fox & friends" and got over three million hits on youtube. >> what are you laughing at? >> he shoots basket hoops.
2:49 pm
>> that's what it is. oh, my. that's unbelievable. do you think that you would like to try this, titus. >> >> should we do the tram po line shot. here we go. he's been brought up his whole live. will he hit this. >> one more. >> good job. >> he's not a show-point. anybody have any thoughts about the kid? >> i challenge that kid. i challenge him to game of horse. >> really,. >> did you ever play that? >> no, what is it dana. >> . i played it with my mom, horse. >> you don't know what it is? >> i like to play in my back yard. >> it's nice to see titus. good luck when you get to the nba. we know a lost you are caught in a snowstorm and are locked in
2:50 pm
your home, millions of you in the northeast. we decided to give you advice about what you might want to do when you're home and stuck in a snowstorm. eric, you got any thoughts. >> you are going to me first? >> sure. >> what to do when you're snowed in. >> i think you stay right here and watch fox and watch the five and reruns. >> and cash it in. >> i can't believe you. >> i would watch all the reruns of the great shows like what's my favorite. >> homeland. >> homeland. >> you already know how it ends. >> i'm not a re-washer. >> if you're in for 55 hours, you could watch eric's shows. >> dana, what would you do? >> i think this is great opportunity to clean closets. >> oh, my gosh. >> a really good way to find things. you put three piles, trash, things to give away, and things in a maybe pile that you come back to three months later and decide if it's good or not. >> what do you do if you're snowed in, greg? >> i get out all of my stuffed
2:51 pm
animals and my tea set and i set captain spiffer and sergeant fluffy and we drink at a. there's nothing better than snow drinking, well, maybe summer drinking. snow, you can't do anything. >> it's better than rain drinking. >> no. rain drinking is fun, sitting in a pub, looking out, it's raining. >> that sounds fun. >> slightly humid drinking is good, too. >> i like to be super cozy. >> yeah. >> watch movies in bed and have snacks and just fun things like that. >> do you have guests over? >> not you. >> i just think -- i'm a bachelor. i'm home alone. >> we know. >> it's very disturbing to have to be home alone,. >> no one can get in or out. >> to find somebody who can spend that time with you, an academic minded person or
2:52 pm
somebody who can give you instructions on, i don't know, any number of things. >> how to use your ipad. >> how to use your ipad and how to use your ipad again and how to grow vegetables and how to do all kinds of life things. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm trying to get around saying what i would do. >> sounds like a democratic filibuster. >> why are you still wearing those goggleses. >> because my eyes have shot from swimming. by the way, exercise will kill you. i went swimming to exercise and look at these eyes. >> you don't swim in a hot tub, buy, with your eyes open. >> oh, you could. >> double ding. double ding. >> unbelievable. >> a little shot right there. >> h i'm scared that he'll get e back. >> that would be the equivalent of swimming in an like pool. >> you could swim in the hot tub. you can borrow his goggles. >> i lost my googles.
2:53 pm
>> i bet. >> oh, i bet. you bet what? >> i'm saying a lot of weird stuff happens to you of the infectious sort. [ laughter ] >> am i right? >> did you lose your goggles or did they break? >> they broke. they burst. >> come on. i'm the rodney dangerfield during this segment. >> you're only 40, though. >> yeah, well, no. my liver is about 95. >> he's like benjamin button. >> one more thing is up next. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan?
2:54 pm
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so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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2:57 pm
well, it's time now for one more thing. >> i was talking to my bookie. i'll get back to you. i thought we were in a break. go ahead. >> bob is really with it today. >> it never gets old, does it? here's another person that was really with it. do you remember penelope soto, the teen who got in big trouble with the judge because she was impolite and wasn't courteous. bob finds her attractive, of course. she did a bad thing, flipping the bird to the judge. he put her in for 30 days. take a look at this.
2:58 pm
>> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. come back again. did you say i that. >.>> yes, sir. >> i find you in direct criminal contempt. 30 days in jail. of course, she he apologized. >> my behavior was very irrational and i apologize not only to the court and you but to my family. >> that's what happens when you use xanax, greg. >> or santa. >> okay. >> weird. >> when they think of marines
2:59 pm
for which we have the utmost respect for all marines. you don't think of these type of marines. look. that's luca. she's an 8-year-old. she's a sergeant, i believe, tweet me if i'm not correct in saying this, but i think she can have a rank of sergeant in the marine corps. she stepped on an ied and lost her leg, but she saved soldiers lives in the meantime. luca is 8 years old. she's a good girl. >> how cute. >> real quick. cashing in. check it out. it's going to be a great show. >> you can see him. like when he smiles, you can see him imloag in the snow. i love it. >> dana? >> mine is we all love our colleague, stuart varney, host of varney and company. >> i hate him. >> believe it or not, he got to go to the national cattleman beef association. this is a guy who is only

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